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About Free For All Media, Inc.

Free For All Media is a San Francisco based company with over 20 years of experience in the online world. We are a full service organization that can help you in all stages of your presence online, whether it involves online strategy, execution, or maintenance. We have extensive experience with many of the online platforms and are always eager to explore new ideas.

Free For All Media currently manages a number of custom built sites as well as numerous sites using popular off-the-shelf packages such as Wordpress. This management involves producing valuable content, designing and executing SEO strategies, managing communities, and performing general administrative tasks. In addition to the web, Free For All Media is also well-versed in both the social media and location based realms.

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The CEO's blog revolving around San Francisco's art/tech culture
Geeky Tattoos
A collection of geeky tattoos
Providing a venue for users to share and download ringtones for the Sidekick
Reporting on the latest rumors revolving around the Sidekick device and community
User generated and shared Sidekick themes/wallpapers

Who is Free For All Media?

Ed Hunsinger

Ed Hunsinger is a programmer, web developer, blogger, fire artist, mischief maker, and tech lover. He has shot hundreds of people with flamethrowers while running Dance Dance Immolation, amassed a collection of domain names and blogs on the web, and confused the hell out of people with shenanigans in the streets of San Francisco. He has been rejecting the status quo for as long as he can remember and hates writing these bios.


Bunki is our official mascot. She doesn't do much work other than making sure the carpet stays in place.

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Twitter: @edrabbit

Phone: 415-894-C3H8 (2348)